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As the Kettle Wolf-Whistled A brilliant anthology of the poetry of MWC –

eclectic, imaginative, sometimes stunning – these poetic works track a wide variety of subjects, styles, points of view. Whatever your bent may be – humour, drama, tragedy, sharp and witty observations, meditations, these and more await you.

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These are your words, my words
I took them every one
To heart, to task, to my own purpose
In earnest and in fun

I’ve spoken vows and made confession
I’ve teased my newborn sons
My daughters sing an island song
Their grand-folks never sung

When Alfred set the Danelaw
Or came William from the east
When the plague killed foreign clerics
and promoted peasant speech

Could anyone imagine
Or would anyone have dreamt
This rock-born bloody bastard
Would around the world be sent

I know some French and Spanish
A little Hebrew, and some Greek
I read old verse in Latin
But it’s English that I speak.

The Shaker of Trees

(for Mark T)

The cool forest is my cathedral.
Autumn leaves fall,
abandoning bough and branch
they stain the glassy pond below
each a sermon, a story of bud and bloom,
of green springs and the rich colors of decay.

Birds bear witness to the falling,
harmonies and hymnals, sung in a round,
an ambient concert, a day song,
testimony to breezes and the unseen hand,
the shaker of trees.